How can you tell if a pearl is real or fake?

The most common way is to gently rub them on your teeth. If the surface is gritty or rough, it is real. If the pearl is too smooth, it’s likely a fake.

Are all your pearls real?

Yes, I only sell real pearls. There are no plastic or crystal imitations at my store.

What's the difference between "natural" pearls and "cultured" pearls?

First, let’s go over one of the most common misconceptions – cultured pearls are imitation or fake pearls. Absolutely not! The only difference is that in case of cultured pearls human intervention is required. So pearl farmers plant the seed inside a mollusk allowing the process required to create a pearl to begin. Natural pearls occur without any intervention by humans. Cultured pearls are grown in pearl farms, freshwater lakes, rivers, ponds.

Can I see your pearls before buying?

I do not have retail locations at the moment, but I try to make sure every photo is as accurate and detailed as possible.