Necklace length guide

COLLAR – about 30-33 cm it fits closely to the neck. A fun yet sophisticated statement accessory that goes well with bare or V-necklines

CHOKER – about 40 cm it is the most popular length, worn just above the base of the neck.  Appropriate with anything for both formal and casual occasions

PRINCESS – about 45 cm, worn just under the collarbone. Well suited for wear with high or plunging necklines

MATINEE – about 50-60 cm, falls to the top of a cleavage. Can be worn with casual, business or evening look

OPERA – about 70-80 cm falls at or just below the bust-line. A classical pearl chain in traditional evening length that can be worn as a single strand or doubled

ROPE – 90 cm or longer this luxurious length is elegant and sexy. This versatile length can be also doubled or even tripled into multi-strand choker