Pearl restringing

Bring to life to your old or damaged pearl strand!

  • Strung on durable silk thread
  • Hand-knotted between each pearl
  • A new clasp attachment
  • Lengthening & shortening options
  • Pearl cleaning

If you wear your pearls every day you should restrung them once a year. If you wear your strands occasionally make sure to restring every 2-3 years. Silk is a natural material which will stretch over time. You can usually tell when your silk thread needs to be replaced – if the cord is dirty or if pearls slide between the knots.

To knot or not to knot? To prevent pearls from rubbing against each other they are separated by knots. The knots will ensure that sensitive surface of the pearls is not damaged. Knotting is also done for another reason – it will keep most of the pearls on the string if it breaks.


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